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Classification of Shiva Lingam And Its Effect

Shiva lingam is classified into various types depending on the material used as well as depending on color. There are various materials used to make shiva lingam and have particular effects and blessings on worshipers or adorers. Here we will discuss eight types of shiva lingam based on the material used and color which are popularly used to worship to get the specific benefit.

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Different attributes of different directions in Vastu -Shastra

Vastu Sastra is natural law on architecture. Ancient monuments and buildings are made according to Vastu Principle. Five elements of Vastu Shastra which are mutually related to four cardinal directions of compass are fire, air, earth, water, sky .

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Vastu for Health

Numerology and Vastu goes hand-in-hand. Vastu Sastra also provides guidance for good health. There are directions associated with vastu sastra which also contribute to health of dweller of the house. There some prescribed norms of Vastu which needs to be followed to get maximum benefit in health and wealth.

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Finding Marriage Compatibility using numerology

Marriage compatibility is very essential for successful and happy married life. Numerologist can calculate marriage compatibility from the numeroscope of prospective bride and groom. There has to have good exchange of numbers between the numerological chart of prospective bride and groom. Also the psychic numbers of prospective bride and groom should not be anti or opposite numbers. There should be good collaboration between destiny number of bride and groom.

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Karmic Debt Numbers and its effect in numerology chart

Karmic numbers are specific birthdate number which is considered not so ominous and is debted with past life karma. The past life karma can be mysterious debt of misdoing done by one’s soul in some other life. There are certaindates or numbers in calender which has karmic debt effect in numerology.

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Choosing right profession

Choosing right profession by any individual may improve his life and career prosperity to many- fold. Numerology has shown path to individual based on their date of birth to choose right profession to easily excel in life and career. Each number in loshugrid represent particular planet. Each planet is compatible with some planets and not compatible with others. So, each planet has some special attributes over Loshu Grid. Similarly, planet representing psychic number has overall special effect of its attribute on the life, career, profession of individual. If any individual chooses profession which is major attribute of non-compatible planet, then there is hardly any chance of easy success or in most cases no success.

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Which Country to choose for settling abroad permanently?

It is seen that majority of urban young Indians want to settle in abroad for prosperity of their future. Many educated Indians prefer to settle in abroad for their jobs and better future. Now the question that hovers in their mind is which country will give him or her the desired prosperity in career and life and they can safely decide to settle down for rest of their life. Numerology gives suitable solution to it and help decide the right path for utmost success in career and life.

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Numerological Compatibility

In numerology number compatibility is essential for any bond to be successful and strong. The numbers are governed by planetary influence. Each number represents planets and nodes of solar system. Compatibility factor can apply for spouse, business partners, work team etc. Certain numbers behave friendly way with a particular number due to planetary influence whereas it is not so friendly with certain numbers as certain planet is not in friendly position with certain planet or number significant of that planet.

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Vastu and Numerology goes hand-in hand

Numerology is number magic which has cosmic impact on our life where as Vastu is about direction in a place which affect the overall energy flow of the place. The mythology has an interesting story for the creation of Vastupurush. It is the Vastupurush who rules the vastu of any plot and house.

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If numbers are missing in your chart means strength of plane is not 100%. It requires remedy for missing numbers to overcome your problem and live a smooth and successful life. Every date of birth has some or other missing numbers which may be the cause of life’s struggle and unsuccessful. Individual numeroscopic chart has eight yogas or plane, which either is completed or has missing number and the plane is not completed. Each number represent respective planet and node.

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If numbers are missing in your chart means strength of plane is not 100%. It requires remedy for missing numbers to overcome your problem and live a smooth and successful life.

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