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Classification of Shiva Lingam And Its Effect


Shiva lingam is classified into various types depending on the material used as well as depending on color. There are various materials used to make shiva lingam and have particular effects and blessings on worshipers or adorers. Here we will discuss eight types of shiva lingam based on the material used and color which are popularly used to worship to get the specific benefit.

1. Black shiva linga
2. White marble shiva linga
3. Spatikshiva linga
4. Paradshiva linga
5. Ashtalohashiva linga
6. Vaiduryashiva linga
7. AyaskantaShiva linga
8. RajitaShiva Linga

Now we are going to discuss each of the above-mentioned lingams in detail:
Black Shiva Linga is considered a holy and very sacred form of shiva’s energy stored in it. These are particular types of stones found in the Narmada river (named Onkar). These stones are egg-shaped black “cryptocrystalline formed lingam”. The lingam has specific properties of resonating energy of five elements (water, fire, air, earth, and stone). Worshipers get benefits like activating and balancing the chakra system, inner transformation, activating kundalini energy, healing properties, healing infertility and impotence, and also maintaining body balance.
White marble shiva Linga - Worshipper gets the benefit of positivity of mind which prevents the suicidal tendency of the individual. Meditation on this shiva lingaincrease concentration, remove negative thought, and give peace of mind.
Spatik Shiva Linga is made of pure crystal and bestows the worshiper with the fulfillment of all desires.
Parad Shiv Linga is made of mercury and bestows the worshiper with good fortune and material benefit.
Ashtaloha shiva lingais made up of eight types of metals which bestow the worshipper with the blessing of cure for leprosy.
Vaidurya shiva linga is made up of precious stone like lapis which is also called vaidurya, worshipper gets protection from ememy’s attack.
Ayaskanta shiva linga is made up of magnet and it bless the worshipper with sidhi and supernatural power.
Rajita Shiva linga is made up of silver and it confers fortune.


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