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Vastu and Numerology goes hand-in hand


Numerology is number magic which has cosmic impact on our life where as Vastu is about direction in a place which affect the overall energy flow of the place. The mythology has an interesting story for the creation of Vastupurush. It is the Vastupurush who rules the vastu of any plot and house.

According to Matsya Puran Lord Shiva once was in war with demon named Andhak. Shiva was tired in fighting and sweat profusely and it fell on the ground from there born Vastu Purush. From his birth he was very chaotic and always hungry. Through tough penance he pleased Lord Shiva and got his blessing of eating from three worlds to satisfy his hunger. He was very happy to get possession of three world to bring destruction to satisfy his hunger. He first turned to earth and started satisfy his hunger. Due to his chaotic birth, he is of chaotic and destructive nature. To stop him from further destruction Lord Brahma along with other gods of eight direction caught hold of him and brought him down to earth with his head touched the earth and is pined with head in North-east direction and leg south west direction.

When all gods were forcing his face to ground he was enlightened with truth and pleaded for forgiveness of Lord Brahma. Lord Brahma bestowed him with blessing of disturbing man’s life who creates obstacle to his way of looking and build house by not following Vastu principle and they will be destroyed and live-in chaos. If houses are not built according to Vastusastra then the Vastu purush is in discomfort and doesnot fit in that house and that is why chaos is created in the life of people living in that house. Vastu purush is blessed by Lord Brahma to eat people who donot follow vastu principle while building their home. The discomforted Vastupurush creates more negative energy which interrupt life and living of resident of that house.

Illustration 1: Vastu Purusha resides on earth like this way head in north-east and feet in south-west. Vastu Purush Mandala is the outline for how vastu purush resides in any plot and lord of each direction energizes every side of the plot. Vastu Mandala consist of 45 gods out of which 13 inner gods and 32 outer gods. They represent different aspects of one’s life. If building is made according to Mandala outline one gets attribute and blessings of each gods of different directions. Brahma is the centre of Mandala. There are four major energy field emerge from Brahma. They are Bhudhar, Aryama, Vivasvan, Mitra. These are the four major directions North, East, South and West.

Our nature and vastu sastra are interwined in our life and everything related to human life. The bio electromagnetic field around us in our house is affected by cosmic energy through various direction. Whenever we enter any building, we can feel the vives or energy whether positive or negative and it affect our mind and body and accordingly our life. Vastu has direct relation with numerology. Vastu energy interfere with electromagnetic field of a plot, place, building and thereby it interferes with bio-electromagnetic field of individual resident of building and so we could field the positive or negative vives. If you get positive vives you will feel cheerful, energetic, good at health. If you get negative vives you will feel depressing, frustrating and might affect your health badly in long term. Also living according to Vastu principle helps one grow in life, career, relationship steadily without obstacle.

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