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Vastu for Health


Numerology and Vastu goes hand-in-hand. Vastu Sastra also provides guidance for good health. There are directions associated with vastu sastra which also contribute to health of dweller of the house. There some prescribed norms of Vastu which needs to be followed to get maximum benefit in health and wealth.

Tips for achieving vastu benefit in health:
Prefer to sleep keeping head in south or east.
Avoid constructing toilet and kitchen in North-east.
While eating sit facing north or east.
Avoid putting iron object under bed or sleping area.
Influence on gender and body parts according to Vastu direction:

Table 1: Influence on gender and body parts according to Vastu direction

The above table describes briefly influences of different directions on different gender and accordingly in their body parts. If the specific direction of the vastu is defected in any house then the problem might arise in that area of body belonging to that particular gender or age of dweller. Consult your numerologist and vastu specialist for better understanding of problem and solution.

Reference from Arvind Sud Tutorial :

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