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Which Country to choose for settling abroad permanently?


It is seen that majority of urban young Indians want to settle in abroad for prosperity of their future. Many educated Indians prefer to settle in abroad for their jobs and better future. Now the question that hovers in their mind is which country will give him or her the desired prosperity in career and life and they can safely decide to settle down for rest of their life. Numerology gives suitable solution to it and help decide the right path for utmost success in career and life.

Numbers are key players in numerology so your date of birth is of utmost importance in deciding your country of final settlement if you aspire to settle abroad. Numeroscope reveals many details of one’s life and career even for abroad settling. So, date of birth is the key all details about life, career and abroad settling. Mostly two planets affect the abroad settling factor in the numeroscope. These are venus represented by number 6 and mercury represented by number 5. The presence and absence these planets and representing numbers in the numeroscope affect abroad settling of individual.

Though we read numeroscope as per Loshu Grid which is Chinese method of numerology calculator but to calculate numerical value of a word we follow Chaldean method numerology. In Chaldean method each letter of english alphabet is assigned certain number from 1 to 9 and so when words are formed each word will create some composite number created due to summation of numbers representing each letter of thatword. Each country is spelled in english alphabet and some composite number is created which has to match compatibility with psychic number derived from one’s date of birth. Numerologist helps you to get these details from your date of birth.

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