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Karmic Debt Numbers and its effect in numerology chart


What are Karmic debts?
Karmic numbers are specific birthdate number which is considered not so ominous and is debted with past life karma. The past life karma can be mysterious debt of misdoing done by one’s soul in some other life. There are certaindates or numbers in calender which has karmic debt effect in numerology.

Which are Karmic debt numbers in numerology and its effect on individual’s life?
Karmic numbers are 10, 13, 14, 16, 19.
Number 10 -Though 10 is karmic number but it has no debt simultaneously it has not gained any good deed advantage so those who born under this date they come with clean slate.
Number 13 - 13 is a karmic number and has its own debt related to misdeed like murder, rape. One has to repay it in present life by facing similar situation but remained unprovoked to do similar mistakes.
Number 14 - Date 14 has karmic debt with abuse of freedom by misusing power.
Number 16 - Date 16 has karmic debt of abuse of love in past life. In the current life people born under this number may face serious problem in their personal life specially married life.
Number 19 - Date 19 has a karmic debt of abuse of power being in top position of authority. Present life of those born under this number is full of struggle and would be put through similar situation.

How to pay Karmic Debt?
It is to be remembered that good karma of present life is the only way to get rid of past life karmic debt.Many people get scared on hearing karmic debt but there is hardly anything to scare of as repaying it will help the soul to achieve some given task in this life and gradually grow to a higher self. Consult numerologist who can guide you about your Karmic debt.

Reference from Arvind Sud Tutorial :

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